Marco Tudini

Marco Tudini

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First Name * Marco
Last Name * Tudini
Username * MarcoTudini
Country * Italy
City Rome
Nationality Italian


Current Position Digital Compositor
Areas of Expertise Character designCompositingArt Direction
Preferred Tools Character DesignDirectingNukeAfter EffectsPhotoshopZbrush


Availability: Freelance


I spent my childhood and my teenage years immersed in comic books, movies and video games.

I've learned to daydream and imagine fresh and new worlds and lived the adventures of my favorite heroes, absorbed the soundtracks and reliving those sequences in my head I wholly understood how much these art forms are complete, evocative and ultimately my true source of inspiration.

I started this career in the hope that one day I would be part of the collective who gave me so much then and still do today. I want to continue that trend.
I decided to specialize in Compositing as it is the culmination of all of this. I love not only giving life to a piece, but bringing it to a fine polish.

On my path I have learned the discipline, enthusiasm, patience and endurance necessary to complete a job as well as the absolute importance of cooperation for its success.